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彩票有哪些 tai  de  sheng

tai  de  sheng

Shenzhen Talent & Sea-ever Logistics Co,.Ltd registered in Shenzhen in 2002, and registered in the Ministry of Transportation to become a member of the Tide wins NVOCC, No. 02257, and have joined the FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association), CIFA ( China International Freight Forwarders Association), WCA (World Cargo Alliance), CGLN (China Global Logistics Network) and other international shipping associations, the majority of the consignor and consignor to provide a more reliable and convenient services and security, as a local logistics enterprises , Based on the local, focus on the world, seeking a broader space for development, has always been Ted wins the tireless pursuit.

Trustworthy: Ted wins is a member of the Global Logistics Network (CGLN), a division of the WCA (World Cargo Alliance) logistics network, which is the world's largest and most successful independent freight forwarder network. CGLN is WCA and CIFA (China International Freight Forwarders Association) the product of the CIFA is China's largest freight forwarders Association, CGLN is also the exclusive agent in mainland China. In the process of reviewing the membership, the managers of the regional offices visit the member companies in person to certify the company's qualifications and ensure the quality and excellence of its members in terms of customer service, operations and financial credibility.

tai  de  sheng

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