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Show Knowledge Q & A

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彩票有哪些 Q: How long should exhibitors prepare their exhibits before the show?

A: Due to the strict regulations on arrival dates of exhibits, in order to ensure enough clearance time, usually arrive at the destination port for the first 10 working days to 20 working days, exhibitors should prepare exhibits as early as possible. Usually exhibitors should be in the normal shipping time plus half a month to a month in advance to prepare exhibits, smooth shipment. If the air transport, should be in the normal air time with 10 days to prepare exhibits shipped.

Q: Exhibitors before the shipment should do what preparations?

A: Please carefully read the transport guide of exhibits, packing the exhibits in strict accordance with the requirements of the carrier, affixing the shipping marks, filling in the list of exhibits accurately and accurately, and exhibiting relevant documents such as export commodity inspection certificates, export licenses, inspection and quarantine certificates, etc. And timely delivery to the carrier.

Q: Show how to maximize the value of marketing?

A: The first step is based on the company's development plans and marketing objectives, the company's advantages of resources (products, information, technology, services) or demand analysis, followed by timely selection of timely exhibition promotion, and finally from the planning Point of view how resources surprise.

Q: What should I do with exhibits in the participating countries?

A: domestic designated not to sell, should be shipped back to the original; expensive exhibits, the general approach can be used to individual transactions, or consignment approach. If the two are not, you need to be shipped back; in the low-end goods, discounts generally take the discount approach, in the exhibits dust, glory, logo damaged objects, discounts (high-end goods, art is generally not In addition to; aluminum assembly props, the general does not have the value of re-use of things, for the sake of freight is too large, most of them on the display of the props category, in addition to; To deal with or sell, or gift, or for processing.

Q: What are the weight requirements for exhibits?

A: For a single exhibits, usually requires no more than 2 tons of weight, length, width and height of not more than 2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.5 meters. For large and overweight exhibits entering the museum, need to use forklifts, forklifts and other machinery and equipment and labor, these additional services need to advance with foreign reservations and confirm the related costs.

Q: How should I fill out the shipping marks?

A: In order to ensure the smooth clearance of the exhibits and accurate delivery to exhibitors before the exhibition booth, shipping marks should contain the English name of the exhibition, exhibitors English name, Hall number, booth number, box number, weight and size and other related information .

Q: How do exhibitors declare the value of exhibits?

A: Exhibitors should complete and truthfully declare the exhibits CIF value, so as to ensure the smooth clearance of the destination country. Some countries have very strict requirements on the value of exhibits. If the exhibitors deliberately overestimate the value, they will be revalued by the customs authorities of the destination country and the corresponding tariffs will be levied according to the final valuation, which may result in delayed customs clearance and fines.

Q: What items are strictly prohibited and mixed with the exhibits shipped?

A: Any country for food imports have strict rules and inspection and quarantine system, strictly prohibited in the exhibits entrainment of food, beverages, alcohol and tobacco and other items; the same time strictly prohibit the transport destination countries to restrict or prohibit the import of goods, or once abroad Customs will find that all exhibits will be detained by the Customs of the destination country, or even can not be cleared, resulting in exhibitors can not participate.

Q: What are the relevant documents normally required to be cleared at the destination port of the exhibits?

A: The customs requirements of different countries are roughly the same, are required to provide the following clearance documents: the original bill of lading, the form of invoices, packing lists and insurance policies, certificate, fumigation certificate and other related documents.

Q: exhibits lost or damaged should be how to deal with?

A: Exhibitors should check the exhibits in time after they reach the booth. If any exhibits are lost or damaged, they should contact the responsible person of the exhibition or contact the foreign insurance company directly to ensure the first time to take necessary steps to prepare the claim. Minimize losses.

Q: How should the exhibits be insured?

A: Exhibitors or carriers should be insured exhibits, insurance coverage should ensure smooth delivery of exhibits to foreign booths so far.

Exhibits abroad insurance, our country is generally insured in the country, insured items, usually fire insurance, marine insurance, theft insurance. Fire prevention, fire prevention, security measures, security guards and inspection system, should be improved and sound, and runs through the box to the boxing of the entire exhibition process.

Q: Which countries require fumigation of imported goods that contain logs in packaging materials?

A: The European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and some Asian countries (Japan, South Korea) and so on.

Q: No downturn in the industry only depressed the success of overseas exhibitors "secret"?

A: The long-term participation in the exhibition

B. Locked high-end buyers, there are new products every year

C. Choose customers actively and make orders bigger

Q: What are the packaging requirements for exhibits?

A: Because the exhibits need to go through many domestic and foreign loading and unloading in the whole operation process, but also to withstand long-distance sea or air, land, etc., in order to ensure that the exhibits can not be damaged, the exhibits should be sturdy , Moisture, suitable for repeated loading and unloading of packaging materials. And according to the specific exhibits on the packaging paste rain, fragile, upward signs.

Q: Why do exhibitors to confirm the sales or return shipment before shipment?

A: For the sale of exhibits is a general trade in the form of export operations, the destination country for permanent import clearance; for the return of the exhibits are temporary export declaration operation, the destination country for temporary import clearance, the need to return after the end of the show . China Customs and foreign customs have strict rules on this, or will lead to the return of exhibits in China can not be successfully cleared or customs import duties levied. It is usually advisable to contact the carrier in advance to prepare for the ATA Carnet.

Q: Why do I need to arrive 10-15 business days in advance to arrive at the port of destination?

A: In order to avoid delays due to typhoons, sailing failure and other irresistible factors to ensure that the exhibits arrive in the destination country after the clearance time enough; at the same time exhibits to the port of destination after the destination country may carry out unpacking exhibits; To carry out the city is not a destination port city, also need to arrange exhibits inland transportation. Therefore, the arrival time of exhibits is usually 10 to 20 working days before the exhibition.

Q: How to do a good show anti-cheat?

A: First of all to grasp the "brand principles." Whether it is inherited or drawn from the exhibition project, the sector should be the industry or the field of large-scale, high efficiency, strict organization and management of the show to reach a consensus, the focus of promotion, so that the majority of exhibitors and professional audience understanding and awareness, and The formation of brand.

Followed by "institutional principles." The lack of industry management system is an important reason for the phenomenon of fraud, due to the characteristics of different industries and different management systems, industry and regional trade unions on the lack of unified management, the management revealed loopholes and serious information asymmetry Especially in the "multi-management" behind the "no matter how long", so we stressed that enterprises in the exhibition process as much as possible to understand and master the relevant system, the specification should also call for the same time, In accordance with the principle of cooperation and development, the departments in charge of various trades shall consult and promulgate the unified management standard of the exhibition industry as soon as possible. Do not wait until the enterprises come to the front of the government to discuss fair measures.

The third is the "precautionary principle". Recalling the occurrence of a lot of cheating events during the year, we found that exhibitors for the exhibition of choice for the blind and immature is also a result of cheating to be able to succeed an important reason.

Q: ATA Cargo Customs signed the validity period is coming, but the goods can not be shipped back in time how to do?

A: The need to sign the deadline in the customs one month in advance to submit information to the Customs and Excise Department to apply for an extension, the need to report to the Customs and Excise Department units can not promptly shipped back to the reasons, but a ticket can apply for a maximum of two times, Are six months.

Q: Visa Tips?

A: A. Guarantee the authenticity of visa information: foreign large-scale exhibitions are usually held in Europe and the United States, their immigration control measures are very strict, are the default applicants have immigrants or stranded intention, so visa officials will apply The material provided by a very detailed verification and screening, will not "go through the motions", as long as there are any traces of fraud, the applicant will be shut out.

B. careful and reasonable preparation of application information: pay attention to the provision of information as far as possible to maintain the consistency of the team and the individual and then to express the purpose of the statement is simple and clear, not vague, to ensure that the exhibition purpose can be accepted and understood by the visa officer , Will not appear on the understanding of the errors, in addition to preparing materials required by embassies at the same time, companies should prepare their own exhibitors can prove their participation in the relevant materials.This will make the visa process a lot smoother.

C. face interview when the four principles: First, do not ask do not say, that only answer the questions raised by the visa officer, for a clear answer, simple and clear. But do not take the initiative to answer the visa officer did not mention the problem. And then do not ask not to give, that is only to provide visa officer requested materials, do not take the initiative to provide any visa officer does not require the material, even with their own materials are not used, do not take the initiative to produce. Then ask who is who, when faced with the visa officer has selectively asked the visa team in the specific members of the problem, usually should be asked by the parties to answer, do not seek the views of others, not by others to answer. The last is a truthful answer, this is the most important know-how, not to guess the visa officer what kind of answer, just answer the line on the line.

Q: How to prepare for the booth when attending the exhibition?

A: A. Booth staff training should be included in the exhibition work plan, as a normal work.

B. The training content should have the system, the training material must print the complete set. Europe and the United States some of the exhibition industry associations, exhibition research institutions, exhibitions and consulting firm to arrange a special exhibition of training, a special booth training materials, video, etc., can be purchased for reference.

C. All booth personnel must be familiar with the product knowledge, including specifications, functions, features, role, use and so on.

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