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Cross-boundary exhibition logistics and transport co-operation will be held on the 15th in Kazakhstan)

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中国福利彩票3d:Cross-boundary exhibition logistics and transport co-operation will be held on the 15th in Kazakhstan)

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June 15, the twenty-seventh session of cross-border transport cooperation in Kazakhstan Symposium will be held in Harbin Huaqi Conference Center. The purpose of this meeting is to pragmatically promote the construction of the Silk Road access road in Heilongjiang and strengthen the communication and cooperation between Kazakhstan, Oman and Kazakhstan. The conference was hosted by the Heilongjiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and relevant departments, local governments, domestic and overseas logistics enterprises, customer representatives and partners attended the meeting.

Kazakhstan International Logistics Corporation and the Suifenhe Luhai Silk Road International Logistics Company introduced the Haobanche, Kazakhstan and Russia and the Russian-Russian land and sea transport of the situation, the Russian Far East Railway Bureau, Sinotrans Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Province, the Russian forestry industry Representatives of the Association made presentations at the meeting. (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., Ltd., Harbin International Logistics Co., Ltd. and Harbin South China City Co., Ltd., to agricultural and sideline products Co., Ltd., Shanghai East Hao International Logistics Co., Ltd., Dalian Port Continental International Logistics Co., Ltd., China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. Harbin Branch, International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

It is reported that, as a window to the north of the country, Heilongjiang Province, the development of cross-border transport connections to Europe and Asia with lower cost, fast security and other unique advantages. The development of cross-border transport system, not only for the import and export enterprises and logistics enterprises to provide convenient and efficient transportation channels, reduce transportation costs, but also in Heilongjiang and Russia, Europe and Northeast Asia countries to set up a bridge between cooperation and promote Heilongjiang Province All-round opening up. In 2015, Heilongjiang Province, the introduction of long-term logistics in Beijing Co., Ltd., Harbin Railway Bureau, UTI International Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. and China Dalian Port Group Co., Ltd. jointly formed Haao International Logistics Co., On the 13th of the opening of the Harbin to Hamburg international container freight train. Over the past year, Haou Bang out to maintain a two-way on the weekly frequency of the opening line, full load rate in the domestic ranks of the EU ranks among the forefront, has become the "Longjiang Silk Road" building an important business card.

As of mid-June 2016, East-West classes to the cumulative shipment of 99 columns, 2526 TEU, the total import and export volume reached 210 million US dollars. On the basis of the successful operation of Haobanche, Kazakhstan and Europe in February 2016 organized the trial run Kazakhstan classes out to the middle of June to the east-west classes totaled a total of 6 classes shipped, the value of 2.6 million US dollars, the recent Will officially enter the normal operation. Russia and South Korea, "Kazakh Sui Fu kettle" land and sea transport first container arrived in Busan in April this year, marking the Heilongjiang Silk Road Silk Road economic belt across Europe and Asia, connecting the land and sea through the international logistics channel. With the deepening of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership and the accelerated construction of "China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor", the cross-border logistics and transportation in Heilongjiang province faces a new historical opportunity.

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