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Q: How should international logistics and transport exhibits insurance?

A: Exhibitors or carriers should be insured exhibits, insurance coverage should ensure smooth delivery of exhibits to foreign booths so far.

Exhibits abroad insurance, our country is generally insured in the country, insured items, usually fire insurance, marine insurance, theft insurance. Fire prevention, fire prevention, security measures, security guards and inspection system, should be improved and sound, and runs through the box to the boxing of the entire exhibition process.

Q: Which countries require fumigation of imported goods that contain logs in packaging materials?

A: The European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and some Asian countries (Japan, South Korea) and so on.

Q: No downturn in the industry only depressed the success of overseas exhibitors "secret"?

A: The long-term participation in the exhibition

B. Locked high-end buyers, there are new products every year

C. Choose customers actively and make orders bigger

Q: What are the packaging requirements for exhibits?

A: Because the exhibits need to go through many domestic and foreign loading and unloading in the whole operation process, but also to withstand long-distance sea or air, land, etc., in order to ensure that the exhibits can not be damaged, the exhibits should be sturdy , Moisture, suitable for repeated loading and unloading of packaging materials. And according to the specific exhibits on the packaging paste rain, fragile, upward signs.

Q: Why do exhibitors to confirm the sales or return shipment before shipment?

A: For the sale of exhibits is a general trade in the form of export operations, the destination country for permanent import clearance; for the return of the exhibits are temporary export declaration operation, the destination country for temporary import clearance, the need to return after the end of the show . China Customs and foreign customs have strict rules on this, or will lead to the return of exhibits in China can not be successfully cleared or customs import duties levied. It is usually advisable to contact the carrier in advance to prepare for the ATA Carnet.



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