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How will cold chain exhibition logistics be tested? Ted wins to tell you

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八卦彩票特码:How will cold chain exhibition logistics be tested? Ted wins to tell you

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Electric business to promote closer and closer, the moment, the business gearing for this opportunity to stimulate the growth of half a year turnover. This year's electricity providers to promote, the promotion of fresh category is particularly prominent, the industry is expected this year, the amount of fresh produce orders will increase substantially.

Summer, how can fresh products in time to the customer home?

This is a cold chain logistics of the "roasted" experience, cold chain logistics industry will become the short board of fresh, or booster?


Crowded, snatching cake

According to Ereli Group's latest "2016 China's fresh electricity industry, industry research report," said: in 2015 China's fresh electricity market size of 49.71 billion yuan market transactions, an increase of 80.8% in the next few years will be high-speed development. Huge fresh products trading also led to the rapid development of cold chain logistics, in 2015, China's cold chain logistics scale enterprises 1000, cold storage total capacity of 26 million tons, refrigerated trucks to maintain the amount of 10 million units, compared to 2014 Cold storage increased by 28%, refrigerated vehicles increased by 42%.

Major self-built cold chain logistics, a variety of "flavor" products from the fields into the tens of thousands of households. Nowadays, in the front page of the major electric suppliers, the "flavor" can be described as more and more concentrated: from Shandong cherries to Xinjiang grapes, from Hainan to Yunnan mushroom, from Argentina to Alaska frozen red shrimp , Can be described as everything. These strong "flavor" benefit from the large-scale electricity in recent years, self-built cold chain of continuous development of logistics. In November 2015, Jingdong Logistics announced the formal entry into the domestic fresh cold chain logistics and distribution areas, facing the Jingdong platform sellers, fresh vertical electricity providers fully open. In this year's Great East 618 to promote the General Assembly, Jingdong Group Chairman Liu Qiang East, said Jingdong will use three years to create coverage of end-consumers, can achieve cold, cold chain technology network.

Cost - charged imbalance

The electricity providers to promote, fresh products have become one of the key promotional, fresh products at room temperature under the transport loss rate of about 25% to 30%, but the choice of logistics from the web point of view, many fresh products or choice Room temperature rather than cold chain logistics logistics, which is why?

It is understood that the most direct reason is the high cost of cold chain. At the same turnover rate, cold chain transport inputs are at least twice as high as transport at ambient temperatures.

Vehicles, cold chain transport to use refrigerated trucks, the state of the highway on the truck has a limited appearance size, and refrigerated trucks to be installed insulation layer, so the storage capacity than ordinary trucks, refrigeration equipment and energy consumption, so the operating costs To a lot higher;

Warehousing, cold chain logistics need to use three temperature positions, the cost is higher than the normal temperature warehouse;

Transit distribution operations, the cold chain logistics need to operate between the temperature and special work clothes, constant temperature operation between the initial investment is not only large, the operation of energy consumption is also large;

End distribution, the cold chain logistics need special containers and the appropriate refrigerant solution, than the average courier cartons, school bags to be expensive.

Directly to the consumer-oriented fresh electricity providers, the amount of each order is often small, can not dilute the cost by increasing the size of the cost of cold chain logistics is even higher. The current market situation is that the price of fresh products, cold chain courier will not be much higher than ordinary courier, city delivery difference is less than double. The high cost and charges can not be corresponding. To combat the cold chain logistics development initiative.

At present, the cold chain logistics does not have the corresponding technical standard, enterprise service quality varies greatly. It is understood that, for fresh electricity providers, the goods can be divided into five temperature zones: room temperature, constant temperature (15 ° -18 °), 8 ° -15 °, 0 ° -8 °, minus 18 °, temperature control Jiancang requirements are very high. At present, the majority of domestic fresh electricity supplier's storage quality is basically substandard. Some bad companies on the market the name of the whole banner of the cold chain, but the implementation of intermittent cooling operation, in order to reduce the cost of cold chain logistics. On the other hand, the main cold chain distribution business small, scattered around the city can do business with a lot of cold chain, but can do throughout the cold chain of small enterprises throughout the distribution, and the lack of high brand reputation.

China's cold chain logistics, although the rapid development, but the overall lack of infrastructure development is not balanced. China's cold chain infrastructure is generally inadequate, and now, China has about 10 million refrigerated vehicles, while the United States has more than 20 million vehicles in China, the proportion of refrigerated thermal trucks accounted for only about 0.3% of the total; China cold storage total of 26 million Ton, the per capita cold storage capacity of less than 20 kg, while the total US cold storage was more than 3000 million tons, according to the per capita possession of the cold storage capacity of view is China's 5 times. In addition, China's current cold storage structure is not reasonable lead to functional imbalances, such as more than cold storage of meat, fruit and vegetable cold storage less freezer more fresh storage, urban cold storage, cold storage in rural areas, operating more cold storage, Type cold storage, less assembly cold, more than the eastern cold storage, cold storage and other phenomena in the Midwest significantly. Cold chain logistics infrastructure, a direct result of fruit and vegetable, meat, aquatic products cold chain circulation rate of only 5%, 15%, 23%, resulting in corresponding loss of hundreds of billions of dollars. In contrast, the fruit and vegetable cold chain circulation in developed countries more than 95%, meat and aquatic products cold chain circulation rate of 100%.

Need to break Bureau development

With the continuous development and expansion of electricity providers, fresh products, cold chain logistics and transportation will inevitably become a constraint to its development of the short board.

How will the short board become a booster? In 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and other 10 departments jointly issued the "Guidelines on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of Cold Chain Transport Logistics Enterprises" (the "Guidance Opinion"), which was issued by the State Development and Reform Commission "Guidance") in the cold chain logistics enterprise infrastructure construction, standardization system construction, information technology and vehicle management and fiscal and taxation measures put forward positive proposals to further enhance the cold chain development level, from the policy Level of the development of this market to provide guidance to help. In April 2016, six ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China formulated the "National E-commerce Logistics Development Plan (2016-2020)", which clearly will speed up the development of electricity business logistics in the area of people's livelihood, and set the tone "Cold chain" on.

The face of cold chain logistics development prospects and the bottleneck facing the industry, the industry suggested that the policy point of view, the Government can also increase investment in cold chain logistics infrastructure, cold chain logistics for the appropriate tax relief to encourage Industry mergers and reorganizations, improve industry concentration, in addition, cold chain logistics can also provide financial convenience to encourage cold chain logistics enterprises to actively finance the development of capital markets.

Reducing costs is one of the important tasks of the supply side structural reform, the central economic work conference held in 2015 made it clear that "to reduce logistics costs and promote the reform of the circulation system." In addition to policy support, enterprises themselves can also large data And "Internet +" to achieve cost control, such as the use of transport data to achieve the combination of room temperature transport and low temperature transport, in order to improve the use of refrigerated trucks and the use of cost. In addition, the application of large data technology, cold chain distribution companies can also help to find both fresh and energy-saving distribution temperature. Packaging materials and refrigerant technology innovation can effectively reduce costs. In the "last mile" distribution, Shunfeng instead of using ultra-low temperature cold storage agent instead of dry ice, not only reduces the cold chain distribution costs, but also reduce the cold chain distribution costs, The cost, but also extended the cold time.

Cold chain logistics market is from the primary basis of logistics services to the development of value-added logistics services. Cold chain logistics industry can improve its own technical indicators, clear the major categories of specific products, temperature and humidity indicators and storage period. In addition, the management should also develop uniform operating standards, such as: improve the loading and unloading speed, standardize operating procedures, inspection inspection system and the provisions of transportation, warehousing, distribution, sales of all aspects of low temperature docking requirements to high standards to improve logistics and transport quality.

Under the dual drive of market and policy, the cold chain market has a bright prospect and great potential for development. The competition of cold chain logistics enterprises will also become more intense. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Need the government attaches great importance to take positive and effective measures to promote the development of this industry.

The logistics enterprises should also quasi-market pulse, innovative management methods, update and upgrade equipment to meet the greater market demand.

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Vice President Cai Jin said that the logistics of Yunnan to connect South Asia, Southeast Asia, is an important logistics channel. All parties should build synergetic and facilitated logistics, create an open, efficient and orderly, mutually beneficial, safe and green logistics system, promote the transformation and upgrading of logistics and promote regional economic prosperity.

Shenzhen Ted wins Logistics Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2002 registered and registered in the Ministry of Communications NVOCC in a member of the Department, No. 02257, and have joined the FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association), CIFA (China International Freight WCA (World Cargo Alliance), CGLN (China Global Logistics Network) and other international shipping associations, for the majority of the consignor and consignor to provide a more reliable and convenient services and security, as a local logistics enterprises, based on the Local, focus on the world, seeking a broader space for development, has been the tireless pursuit of Tyco wins. Specializes in international logistics and transport, medical exhibits transportation, exhibition logistics, advertising logo exhibition, exhibition transport, lighting, exhibition logistics, and so on, welcome advice and calls!



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