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Present Situation and Development Trend of Exhibition Logistics

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国际彩票网:Present Situation and Development Trend of Exhibition Logistics

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彩票有哪些 Convention Logistics, as an important branch of modern logistics industry, has higher professionalism and service than general transportation and distribution, and belongs to high-end logistics. High-end logistics on behalf of high-quality professional services, service objects are generally high-end products. High-end logistics service management system and mode of operation with high value-added, high profits, high efficiency, high-tech standards, high-risk characteristics.


Compared with the traditional logistics system, modern exhibition logistics model has the following characteristics:

1. The professionalism of the service

The characteristics of convention and exhibition activities require the exhibition logistics service providers to provide logistics services, must have a high level of professional management, must have the exhibition logistics management professional skills, smooth logistics channels, effective means of logistics and distribution Of the cargo transport and warehousing center, a comprehensive information network platform and information technology as a support. Therefore, the relatively high degree of specialization is one of the most significant features of exhibition logistics.

2. Timeliness of the process

The process control of exhibition logistics is very complex, with a strong stage in time, with a sudden concentration in space, the demand on the two-way and uncertainty, which requires the exhibition logistics service providers to provide a higher level Of the rapid response service. How in a particular time and space, to meet exhibitors a variety of emergency needs, the success of the exhibition is the key to success.

3. Exhibits safety

To ensure the safety of goods in the logistics process is the first task of exhibition logistics. The equipment and articles necessary for exhibition activities are usually procured by the organizers of exhibitions, and the transportation of the exhibition products by the exhibitors is under the unified dispatch of the exhibition organizers. Carriers in the delivery process to ensure that items do not occur mold, damage, water damage and other exhibits of the original value of the accident, to avoid the resulting supply of quality problems caused by the interruption of exhibition preparation. Therefore, the MICE must ensure that the items delivered are not only arriving at their destination in a timely and safe manner, but are usually returned to their place of origin.

4. Real-time information

Informationization is an important measurement standard for China's convention and exhibition industry to be in line with international standards. Information transmission and sharing is to protect the exhibition logistics management and efficient coordination of the important basis for the operation. In the organization and management of exhibition logistics, the real-time communication between exhibition organizers, exhibitors and logistics service providers, providing efficient logistics service support for exhibition activities, is one of the important goals of exhibition logistics service providers. The exhibition organizer should, in conjunction with the exhibitors and the logistics service providers, constantly monitor the relevant information in real time and adjust the specific action measures in the process of exhibition logistics according to the feedback information.

Practical Operation and Management of Exhibition Logistics

Exhibition logistics because of its characteristics, pay more attention to scientific service management and logistics operation process. A successful exhibition, the need for the entire exhibition service supply chain nodes, including the exhibition organizers, exhibitors, logistics service providers, exhibition hall, booth design service providers, close cooperation, mutual cooperation and coordination. Excellent exhibition logistics service providers can not only design a reasonable implementation plan for the exhibitors, but also can replace the exhibitors to complete the sample delivery, transportation, storage, handling, packaging, handling, exhibition, and personnel organization, scheduling, management, equipment Supply, maintenance, recycling, insurance and a series of services.

The exhibition logistics operation flow mainly includes the following three links.

1. Exhibition organizers designated logistics service providers

Provided exhibition logistics services suppliers are generally designated by the exhibition organizers. Logistics service providers in accordance with the information provided by the organizers of the exhibition and contact the exhibitors to discuss specific logistics services needs. At this stage, exhibitors can also communicate with the organizers of the exhibition, their choice of logistics service providers.

2. Logistics service program design and improvement

The logistics service providers who undertake the exhibition logistics business will design the logistics service plan according to the requirements of the exhibitors, including understanding the transportation, storage, exhibition and recycling of the exhibits, and international insurance, customs declaration and other services. In this phase, the logistics service providers need to fully communicate with the exhibitors in order to ensure that the program meets the needs of exhibitors.

3. Implementation of logistics services program

According to the organizers of the exhibition schedule, logistics service providers based on the program for exhibits delivery, transportation, storage and other logistics operations, activities and the organizers of the exhibition in time to communicate. After the delivery of exhibits, to be confirmed by the exhibitors, until the end of the exhibition immediately after the start of the next round of logistics or exhibits the return transport. Excellent logistics service providers, but also for the exhibitors to exhibit, exhibition management, exhibits recycling and other value-added services package.

In the process of the actual activities of the exhibition organization, the exhibits of the transport organization mode there are four:

(1) exhibitors are responsible for exhibits transportation;

(2) exhibitors choose their own logistics service providers for exhibits transportation;

(3) Exhibition organizers designated exhibition logistics service providers;

(4) Exhibitors by post or courier.

It is noteworthy that, in practice, the exhibitors use the exhibition organizers designated the best logistics service providers. Because under normal circumstances, by the Convention and Exhibition organizers designated logistics service providers are some of the exhibition logistics experience, the overall strength of a strong, well-known, to the sole agent of the domestic and international exhibition logistics services, large logistics enterprises, and this Of the logistics providers, service quality, security has a certain protection, exhibitors can save a lot of worries for the future. If the enterprises themselves contact logistics service providers, it is best to find formal enterprises. Otherwise, the exhibition logistics business to the lack of experience in the logistics company will inevitably have some unexpected situations, resulting in unnecessary losses.



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