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Precautions for Transportation of Medical Exhibits

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彩票8倍集分宝:Precautions for Transportation of Medical Exhibits

Dates:2016-11-04 Author: Click:

彩票有哪些 彩票有哪些

Precautions for Transportation of Medical Exhibits

First, dangerous goods and large cargo transport

    For transportation of dangerous goods, please abide by IMCO and FAF rules and remind us as early as possible so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. For transportation of large cargo, the size exceeds 5.0M X 2.3M X 2.5M, the weight of more than 3 tons, please contact us in advance and provide the booth floor plan. In this case,

Second, packaging

    Exhibits packaging should be suitable for long-distance transport, repeated loading and unloading and repeated packaging, rain and moisture, expensive exhibits should not use carton packaging. In this case,

Third, customs clearance

A. Administrative Measures for Customs Exhibits of the People's Republic of China:

    1. Before the opening of the exhibition: All exhibits should be in the exhibition before the opening of customs clearance, the exhibitors should provide a complete customs declaration to ensure the smooth customs clearance. In this case,

    1) The exhibitor shall fill in the attached list of exhibits as required: a. Fill in the contents in a true and accurate manner, and avoid filling in words that are unclear and of uncertain quantity. B. Spreading and discarding exhibits are to be completed separately. C. The declaration form requires a signature. In this case,

    2) Without the permission of the customs, the exhibitor can not open the packing of the exhibits without authorization. In this case,

    2. During the exhibition:

    1) exhibits can not be removed from the museum. In this case,

    2) exhibitors should care for expensive exhibits, if lost, the Customs will be taxed according to regulations. In this case,

    3) Distribution of the consumption of small gifts, distribution before the exhibitors should consult with the consent of the Customs, (some exhibits to pay customs duties). In this case,

    3. After the exhibition:

    A. According to customs regulations, exhibitors should provide the exhibits back to transport, sale, consumption distribution, give up before the exhibition closed to ensure that the smooth customs clearance exhibition.

    B. Brochures, charts, tapes and videotapes shall be provided ten days prior to the opening of the exhibition and the contents shall be circulated only with the consent of the customs authorities.

    C. Distribution of promotional materials: promotional materials (such as plastic bags, key buckles and other low-value small gifts) in principle before the opening of the exhibition with the consent of the Customs and Excise Department can be tax-free distribution of high value of small gifts such as calculators, watches, After tax to be distributed.

    D. Exhibits sold: Exhibitors should provide a list of exhibits and exhibits sales contracts for customs inspection, inspection process in the event of human, mechanical and other related costs, by the exhibitors to pay.

    E. Hand-held Exhibits: Upon arrival at the airport, the exhibitor should fill in the declaration form and declare the hand-carried exhibits to the Customs for assistance in handling the customs clearance.

Fourth, import packaging / softwood packaging / non-coniferous wood packaging / non-wood packaging

    China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau require all from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union coniferous packaging exhibits, the wood packaging must be high-temperature fumigation, fumigation certificate with the goods submitted to the inspection of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, Advance fax to the designated logistics company. For non-wood packaging exhibits or exhibits not loaded on wooden pallets, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau shall provide the original non-wood packaging certificate issued by the exhibitor and submit it to the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau together with the consignment. Fax to the designated logistics company. For non-coniferous wood packaging exhibits, but packaging materials containing wood materials or loaded on wooden pallets of exhibits, the Chinese entry and exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued by the exhibitors requested the original non-coniferous wood packaging certificate and along with the goods submitted to China Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, a copy of the fax to the designated logistics company in advance.




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