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FCL shipping

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Advantages route:

A. Japan Line: We have a comprehensive line of Japanese prices, and YML, SITC, OOCL, EMC, WHL, TSL and other shipowners long-term cooperation. According to the customer's good goods date, the required date of arrival, as well as additional demand, to give customers professional advice and with the ship program. At the same time with our trailers in China and Japan, customs, shipping and improve services, customers only finished products, we will be the product has been sent to the hands of the consignee.

B. Southeast Asia: We cooperate with shipowners such as SITC, TSL, WHL, MCC, CSCL and EMC to provide perfect barge service in the Pearl River Delta, with enough containers to connect with Shenzhen and Hong Kong ships every day. To meet customer goods at any time good, at any time transport needs, fast and convenient. The port of destination to provide more time for free counters and customs clearance, delivery services.

C. Europe, the Mediterranean: with MSC, CSCL, WHL, ANL, CSAV, PIL, COSCO, HANJIN and other major advantages of the owner of freight, accommodation guarantee. With Hamburg, Barcelona and other basic ports as transit base, with MSC, MAERSK, HANJIN and other shipping companies improve the inland network, relying on a strong overseas agents to provide DDU, DDP, and other train services.

D. The Middle East, India and Pakistan, the Red Sea: APL, PIL, COSCO, HANJIN. UASC and other major advantages of the owner of the freight, long-term guarantee customers bulk cargo transport space requirements.

E. Canada: HANJIN, EMC, YML and other shipowners signing price, to ensure accommodation, the port of destination service.

F. United States: improve the reporting system, timetable stability, space guarantee

G. Central and South America, Africa, Australia: timetable stability, accommodation guarantee




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