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Domestic Lingdan logistics

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    One - stop integrated transport carrier

    1. Ted wins logistics is an integrated transport services, including domestic logistics sector is committed to becoming one-stop transport service providers in southern China leader.

    2. Hong Kong and mainland China a total of six sub-station (Hong Kong, Huanggang, Yantian, Phuket, Huizhou, Beihai), more than 100 employees.

    3. Ted wins more than 10 years of professional transportation services experience.

    4. Through our best quality of service and operational efficiency, and strive to create value for customers.

    First, the domestic transport servicesInternational,logistics,and,transport

    - TDS own vehicles, plus the unified management of contract vehicles

    - Strong supplier resources and supplier management capabilities

    - Services:

       - land transportation 

       Cross - border Transport between China and Hong Kong

       - Pearl River Delta terminal transportation

       - Domestic long-distance trunk transport

       - Lingdan domestic transport

    Two: Ted wins special vehicle equipment


    3: business scope (refer to the following figure to complete)


    4: General cargo transport:International,logistics,and,transport

    Domestic vehicle transport, Lingdan transport coverage of China's developed cities

    - long-distance transport and two-way transport

    - Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai city distribution

    - JIT distribution

    Five: transport system management program: (refer to the following model)



    Service area:

    1. Ted wins logistics to South China to the East China Sony Central Distribution Center, long-distance transport services

    2. Provide Transportation Management System (TMS) tracking report

    3. Set up a field operation team to improve operational efficiency

    4. Flexibility to handle emergencies

    5. Diversified transport capacity to meet the different needs of customers land transport: including long-distance transport, vehicle / LTL transport, cross-border transport and land transport.

    6. Perfect safety control measures to ensure the safety of goods in transit: global positioning system, open the door alarm system, car lock and cargo protection measures.

    7. Ensure the service level by vehicle safety inspection, cabinet inspection and monthly performance indicators (KPI).

    8. Comprehensive insurance to meet the high value of the transport of goods




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